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16 HA Winery in Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

16 HA Winery in Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

16 HA Winery in Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

gramado, rio grande do sul

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SURPRISING, branded, functioning LAWN WINE AND approximately 6 hectares of vineyards already producing, home-made masonry house, Italian-style centennial home, a cozy Canadian-style cabana, a place with incredible views and a building winery with internationally awarded architecture. Simply in love.
Excellent property in southern Brazil, are 16 hectares of land, within these about 6 hectares are vineyards, already producing. In addition, in the same account with a wine installed, in operation and with a brand. It has a barn, a house for the owner and a very comfortable cabin. The winery property has been awarded internationally for its architecture.
It is an excellent opportunity for those who want to enter the wine market or for those who want to expand their business.
Although the future owner can benefit from tourism in the area, building huts within the land and so that wine lovers can know the production of wines, among them:
Pinot noir
Montepulciano (Italian Grape)
It produces 17,000 bottles a year, of which approximately 3,000 sparkling wines and 14,000 wines. The wine production building, winery and machinery as well as the buildings and infrastructure are new. With 3 years of activity. (Possibility to increase production up to ten times more).
The city of Gramado is the most important tourist center of the province of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil and is also one of the most sought after destinations by Brazilians. There are several attractions that lead to mass mobilization, to know this small place in Brazil. Its natural beauty is one of them, in the city predominates mountains, valleys, crystalline streams and pine forests.
But it is not only the natural beauty that brings so many tourists to know the city, but also some festivals that are a big attraction for tourists. One of them is the Brazilian and Latin Film Festival, it is one of the most traditional in Latin America. Another event is the Feast of Cologne, a festival that integrates customs and culture of the colonizing people of the city, the Azoreans, Germans and Italians. Also these are just a few examples of festivities that take place in the city, even more so.
90% of the city’s GDP comes from tourism, the city receives about 6 million tourists a year. It’s a good way to make money, according to sources from the Brazilian Tourism Institute, a domestic tourist spends about $ 46 a day.
The municipality has a temperate and humid climate, in summer the temperature of 22ºC with some hot days, but pleasant nights. And severe winters below 0ºC, with heavy frosts and occasional snowfall.
LOCATION: 120 km from Porto Alegre RS.
Triple this investment in two seasons!

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